How to Become Financially Free

Identify a strategy to become financially free and fire your boss in your free-time. Come to the realization that it is much more than “become financially free” or even becoming “free” in the traditional (not to mention ethical) sense. You must become your own boss. Free yourself. No more 9 to 5. Run your own hour. Take time to enjoy life. Life existed before work and will continue to do so. You need to define what your strategy is. The time to make that change is now. I am asking you to think out of the box and do what you do not like in order to find the attraction to some new business idea. Here is the reality check. I don’t know anybody who “really” makes serious money as freelancer. It just does not happen. It should. That should just sit between you and shape your vision of what it will take and render you with the heart to work. Here is a piece of good news. As a freelancer you may start right where you are right now. But as a freelancer you will want to stay ahead of the trends. I currently am a full-time marketer and I love it. I am staying ahead of the trends because I can see what is happening in the next year. I know everyone else thinks hiring more authorities is always an option. Everyone should enjoy what they do and work with others to do the same. Not having to work for somebody else to survive are especially good times for entrepreneurs and business owners and those who love working with customers. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to do so. It’s not all about outsourcing. In the long run, you will have to become an expert at what you are offering to a new target market that is not only online. Take these steps and get at least one step ahead of the competition.

Understand your market

Get educated

Have a great business idea

Decide on generating income online

Identify a niche to target

Resolve to stop looking for the quick and easy way and begin to put in seed money to begin generating income from the very beginning, up to 2 years worth joining committee change to 5 years or more

If you are over 50, start thinking like a younger person and spend time with younger people with a prescribed plan to make way for success. I am a firm believer in seeing past how you feel physically and mentally with the condition that you have identified and use the same cutting-edge mentality that you would if you were in high school. What is your experience at your job with each of the companies that you have worked for? If you are having a hard time with the corporate world, look into starting your own small business venture somewhere would be better. Starting a small business will not only give you time to get your business going, but you need to have income coming in and generating at the least amount of money. Even individuals who don’t meet their consumer’s expectations start small with a MySpace page on Pets and continues to grow inside and out. The choice is yours. This is the reality that you must embrace. My advice to you is get online and start today. I believe it is possible to earn $1000’s or $1,000’s of dollars a month. Believe in yourself! If you have a dream and the courage to follow it you will be successful. Online editing and income generation is not going anywhere. People everywhere want control over their lives and need better fulfillment and want to find a way to help their families.

14 March 2021

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