How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Website


Whenever the users visit the Webmaster or want to share their slightest experiences, they have certain queries that are highlighted. These queries are most of the time related to their area of interest, link for which they are looking forward to read a full copy, or they have their doubts, concerns and confusions. The crux of their navigational set up is the question – where can I put them all? Different ways have been made and each of them have their pros and cons.

The rectitude of providing them a channel to access a single site will decide the success of any channel marketing. Assuming that the site is fully indexed, the or within the site whatever is the best way to guide them to the information they expect to find? What if they need to know the overall status of their questions and whatever they have to ask? Yes, it’s what they do want to know, whatever it is that troubles them.

A channel gateway would usually employ some sort of method to guide these users towards the information they want them to have access to, whether it’s links from another somewhat authoritative site to theirs or about face book, or any of the various other options that present themselves. The gateway is supposed to let these users know that the site has the desired information in the locality of interest, and usually this is reflected by the anchor text of a particular link.

By submitting a page or site to a web directory and then having a quick look at the detailed description given by the directory editor will decide the overall look and feel of the site as well as the quality of the content, this is not decided by the directory unless it’s a paid submission, the editor will still check to see whether the content is really good, is all correct and that it has properly used keywords.

chooses the most popular keywords for that particular page, and ensures that they are overused. The website will then be moved up the listings for those keywords it is most suited for and the whole site will then benefit.

Checking the spelling in the content This is a benefit of having a directory editor to check the articles for spelling mistakes. A common mistake that a lot of writers make is checking their spelling in the content, while some think it’s unprofessional. Check the article and then the paragraph title and then the paragraph itself as many times as you can and then hammer out a good stream of good grammar.

Choosing keywords for the article The keywords for an article are usually chosen after a detailed research and analysis. A good article can be written, but the first sentence must have the perfect balance of the keywords. An article or a webpage is to be ranked highly in the search engine and the only way to do that is to have some good content and the keywords to go with it.

You should try to include the keywords in the first sentence of the first paragraph and then at least once more throughout the page. An article with well written keywords will make for more reader friendly content as well as being more understandable for the search engine.

Some keywords are more popular than others. Keywords with a high search volume are ones that are in high demand. For example it is advised that writers use the keyword when they are choosing a domain name, as this will ensure that the website will get increased traffic.

Choose a good keyword for your content and a good domain for your website, as having keywords in the domain will be of benefit in the SEO process. Ken Early revised 2011/Google SPAM

A small firm of SEO professionals are called Search Engine Optimization SPAM or spam. Very few of them truly know what they are doing or do. Most are using SPAM techniques to get traffic to websites. That’s why your website will try to avoid these companies.

All SPAM companies use techniques to cheat search engines to obtain traffic. Some are small business SEO companies who try to cheat you by saying you are ranked number one for keywords when actually number one will get you there any time it takes ten times as much work to achieve that ranking.

All methods of SPAM will work temporarily, and some will work temporarily. One method will stop working altogether while others work harder. The reason some methods work temporarily is that the spam site will be pulled down when search engines discover that they are using techniques that don’t meet the criteria.

After a new method is tried, search engines find out about that method, use more complex algorithms to figure out if they should continue to index that site, or even worse, if they should flag the URL as spam from which millions of good practitioners have used as a tool to trick the system.

21 March 2021

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