What Is Link Bait and Why Is It Important?

link bait

How to Identify Content that is Link Bait , What is link bait and why is it important to creating a play field?

If you’re reading this the chances are you’re involved in the business of creating and distributing content through the web. The web is an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace. Your business needs to be where the people are looking for the goods and services that you provide. ‘Content marketing’ is increasingly being defined as text, data, images, usability and some even more information.

Unfortunately, a lot of that is visible and tangible to the business owner. Link building is one of the primary tactics used to promote the business. Marketers create articles and ebooks along with promotional videos and give them away in a bid to build links and therefore generate traffic and business.

A play field?

‘Content marketing’ has two separate schools that come into play. One is the printable version, often referred to as advertorials. These are the main sources of back links for most medium to small sized businesses. Publish names and images on every available platform where a back link is possible. Taglines are another important part of content. These are usually creative one line descriptions sometimes with links to relevant web pages.

The other form of content is in the form of lonely, exercises and projects. These are usually ebooks or software applications that you can download and install on your own site. Titles, main features and a download URL are the usual elements of an ebook. Titles are fairly self-explanatory. Data or software applications are a little trickier. You need to put together a clever idea to grab the attention of the reader. Data driven titles are considered to be more creative and attractive than the traditional advert given in the business magazine. It is not only the human reader that will be motive for the conversion but also the search engine.

Appropriate titles

It is important to remember that catchy titles will not necessarily attract the traffic. Bear in mind that such a title will be trying to sell a product. Try to think of a title that will therefore encourage the user to visit your site. Ask colleagues or the user’s friends for their suggestions.

Try to include the following types of titles:


Welcome to our website

Before purchasing please note the following requirements:

– The solution should be simple and clear.

– The answer should be easy to understand.

– Each step should be easy to understand.

– The solution should be measurable.

– The answer should be actionable.

– The solution should be portfolio or sample.

– The answer should be real and able to be completed.

– The answer should be tested and have failsafes.

What is link bait?

Link baiting is a method that is very popular and highly effective. The idea is to write an article or create a piece of content that is especially attractive to other bloggers or webmasters. When other people are interested in your content, they will take it and share it with their readers. This will create huge traffic to your site.

Some of the facts that usually attract search engines to a site are:


Not only does the content need to be well written and detail rich, it also needs to be updated regularly. Fresh content is desired in order to rank high on the SERPs. The search engine will also notice the frequent updating and will show preference to your site. It is therefore important that you work on your site regularly.


Since almost every SEO technique has been developed, consistency and persistence is the main factor. You need to be consistent in your content creation and posting and show patience. It is also important that you create content on your own and exclusively. Guest posting and sharing your views are also important to increase the visibility of your website.

Checking backlinks and page rank

The success of your website in terms of search engine optimization and online presence depends on the backlinks. They are the ones that will say how popular your site is. The higher the PR of the website your link is on, the better it is for you. Just like all other SEO techniques, PR link building is also very time consuming.

Understand the type of links that are useful for you

Every link that is created is done on the basis of two things:

1. The type of service the other party offers.

2. The quality of the service.

It is for this reason that creating backlinks is done through article marketing, so that you can position yourself as expert on the subject. Keeping the quality of your articles high will ensure that you gain the best results.

Posting useful comments on other people’s blogs and websites

When commenting on blogs, it is important that you have a good knowledge of the subject and the right Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) that you use.

21 March 2021

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